DBG—A Laundry List


Every once in a while DBG doesn’t have time to sit on a bar stool and drink margaritas. So instead, she just makes all of you Red Stickers a laundry list of things to do/drink. 

1.  St. Patrick’s Day—The parade rolls at 10 am.  You need to be parked by 9am because they will start closing the roads.  http://www.paradegroup.com

2.  Buy your tickets for Zapp’s International Beer Fest on March 24 because it is AWESOME.  In addition to having over 200 foreign and domestic beers to taste, they will have a large selection of home brews.  DBG went last year and it was great.  All proceeds go to the Rural Life Museum.  http://www.zappsbeerfest.com

3.  DBG has finally gotten off her lazy arse and posted most of her columns from the past three years on a blog.  Think of it as a Cherry archive of sorts.  Wait, DBG has been doing this for three years? cherrythedivebargirl.wordpress.com

4.  Sworn off meat during the Lenten season?  Take a drive to a Louisiana institution and eat divine thinly filleted fried catfish.  Middendorf’s in Manchac is almost 80 years old.  It is worth the drive.  middendorfsrestaurant.com

5.  The azaleas are blooming and all of the fair maidens in Natchez have dusted off their hoopskirts.  The spring pilgrimage is in full effect until April 14.  Take a drive and see the town King Cotton built.  http://www.natchezpilgrimage.com

6.  DBG’s favorite antebellum home?  The Ruins of Windsor—In 1890, a careless houseguest dropped a cigar and the plantation home was destroyed by fire.  Only 23 Corinthian columns remain.  It is possible for a place to be dark, haunting, and romantic all at the same time.  en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windsor_Ruins

7. Did you know a group of rattlesnakes is called a rumba?