The Wheel vs The Wedge

The Wheel vs. The Wedge

Due to many emergencies, DBG did not get to review a new hole in the wall. But over a well-deserved margarita at Superior, she started thinking about lemons and limes. This turned into the wheel vs. the wedge debate. She wants to know…when you pop the cap off of a Corona in honor of Cinco de Mayo, do you cut the accompanying lime in the shape of a wheel or a wedge? DBG thinks wheels add a certain ambiance to a cocktail but like many a playboy playmate, they are useless in function. Squeezing a lime wheel results in a messy burning fingers. DBG believes the wedge is based on some simple machine she cannot remember the name of. She also thinks if you are a true professional, you slice the wedge down its center so that it can rest gracefully on the lip of your Corona. What is the point of this story? DBG asks you to submit dives that need to be reviewed. She also is asking for your best margarita recipe or for any celebrations of Mexican
Independence Day that need to be listed in Cherry. Cherries are a fruit that do not need to be sliced or diced and thank goodness for that.