The Pastime Junior
Drusilla Shopping Center/Jefferson Highway

I normally do not frequent restaurant/bars in strip malls, but I make an exception for Pastime Junior. Don’t think of it as a chain! The Junior is more of an offspring, a satellite , or even an homage to the original downtown location. While it is smaller, brighter, and lacks the kitschy vinyl tiger-striped bar; it offers the same reasonably priced, extraordinarily tasty bar food with a decent enough beer and wine selection.
Pastime Junior is located just a couple of miles down the road from the beige corporate chains of Towne Center and much more accepting of flip flops and cut-offs than Fleming’s and Sullivan’s.
No one is going to run a football pool at the Junior, no man will come up to you and say you are so attractive you must be an illusion, there will be no live music, and no shady characters. If you want that kind of ambiance, you need make the journey downtown. If you want good inexpensive pub fare and a few brews, you can get away from the Junior for about 20 bucks.
I am a fan of the Munion Burger, some onion rings, and a couple of Abita’s. And the bonus prize is Patio Lounge is just around the corner.

Dive Bar Girl 😉