210 West Oak Street
Amite, LA
Established 1921. Bootleggin’ since 1914.

It had been a while since I visited the epicenter of the Amite Oyster Festival. And for the first time in many a year…things had changed. Much to the dismay of the clientele, my barwench had purple hair. One gentleman offered to loan her his John Deere cap to cover up this abomination.

The wall that separated the long dark hole known as the Red Bird Saloon from the dining hall had been knocked down in an attempt to give the establishment a more cosmopolitan vibe. (Yes, I used the word cosmopolitan in a review for a bar in Amite.)

Behind the bar, things remained intact. Statues of Indians, cypress knee art, and dusty barware littered the scene. I was pleased that they had not taken down my favorite oil painting entitled: Saturday Night on Bayou Pom Pom. It features many little figures, drinking, smoking and killing each other. (The usual for an evening out in Cajun country.)

My oyster poboy was served on fresh Italian bread andmelted in my mouth. Spitale’s also serves oysters on the half shell year round. ($4.50for a half dozen.)

If you are feeling brave, check out the Guy’s Oyster Bar located across the street. Old Man Spitale opened it after a family argument. Last time I dared to enter, he had beer bottles dressed like Klansmen and a donation jar for the VA that said: “Proceeds given to white veterans only!”

DBG: she goes these places so you don’t have to!

Best conversation overheard: “I got a new water pump for the trailer. It gives me enough juice to shit, shine, shave, and shower.”