Chicago Al’s Hot Dog Emporium
O’Neal Lane just off Old Hammond

Where can a girl get a suitable hot dog south of the Windy City ? Chicago Al’s. But does she dare eat at an establishment that appears to consist of two trailers haphazardly linked together? Well, Hell Yeah!

Chicago Al is a blues musician who carpetbagged his way down South many years ago and married a Baton Rouge native. They have owned their hotdog stand for 12 years and intend to make it a full-service restaurant one day. Sometimes Al even whips out his guitar and plays a few songs on the porch. He also sells his CDs off of the same rack that displays the potato chips. All of their ingredients are shipped down from Chi-Town. Each dawg comes with mustard, onions, tomatoes, and a kosher pickle that spans the entire length of its steamed-poppy-seed-bun. Peppers and nuclear-green relish top of this Mid-West wonder.

They were so good DBG had two. Bring cash because Chicago Al won’t take your Corporate American Express.

Of course Polish dogs are on the menu, and in case you get a craving…snowballs are served year round.

Best comment: Chicago Al looked at DBG and said, “You must work on Wall Street wearing that get-up.”