Zee Zee Gardens
Perkins Road—Under the Interstate
When DBG was a teenager, she and her cousin happened to be lurking behind Zee Zee‘s on St. Patrick‘s
Day. Pat Shingleton befriended them and fitted their heads with large green foam hats. They instantly became
Baton Rouge royalty. They knew they had received a much better garment than any of the Pat‘s Coats for Kids
ever got and held their heads high the rest of the day. In the late ‗90s, The Gardens provided DBG’s Granny Ann
with a well-made burger after her monthly cardiologist appointment. All of these wonderful memories made DBG
anxious to return to this Perkins Road landmark before this year‘s Wearing of the Green.

Today Zee Zee‘s seems an Irish pub on the decline. Dust stalactites lurk overhead, and food is no longer
served. The Golden Tee was on the fritz, and three of the five taps were out. DBG and her Protector ordered
two pints of Bass (not that they had much choice). When they asked for a second round, the barmaid informed
them that they were in possession of two of the three pint glasses owned by Zee Zee‘s. There was no fresh
glassware—only grease-smeared refills. Shots and mixed drinks were served in Styrofoam. Maybe Zee Zee‘s
has changed hands too many times or maybe DBG has gotten old and wants nothing more than to sit in a
rocking chair and think of better days.

Editor’s note: Even though DBG may not have had a tip top experience, Zee Zee’s does do one thing well, which
in this editor’s eyes, earns it quite a few points. You’ll never see such large pours of the good stuff at such a
reasonable price anywhere else. Now, if they could just work on the Golden Tee, they’d be getting my vote for