Who’s Who

DBG thinks everyone will agree that South Baton Rouge could use a few more upscale venues. Who’s Who
appears to be an attempt to remedy this situation. A beige storefront at the end of a strip mall houses this new
nightspot. A package liquor and cigar store guards the entrance to the dimly lit bar.
Unfortunately, the lounge reminds DBG of generic hotel bars of days past, minus traveling salesmen guzzling
call-brand Scotch and a drunken airline crew bemoaning their lack of faith in humanity. Who’s Who could be in
Cleveland or Phoenix. It would be impossible to tell. They do offer a nice enough specialty cocktail menu and a
limited sushi selection.
DBG inquired about the lonely piano in the corner. She was informed that the owner would be hiring a pianist in
the fall. Until then, the piano could play itself. DBG sighed. There would be no one to play “Misty” for her while
she drank her martini.


PS—Are there any piano bars that DBG should know about? Are there any hotel bars worth visiting?

Airline Highway at Bluebonnet