The Office
3rd Street

“Oh Honey, I‟ll be working late at the office tonight.”

Every city has to have a bar called The Office. Just like every college town has to have a bar called The
Library. Now Baton Rouge has two Offices. The owners of The Office in Lafayette have expanded their empire
into downtown Baton Rouge. So now South Louisiana has at least three Offices. Are you confused yet?

DBG will confess that the only thing trite about The Office on Third Street is its name. It is a beautiful
space. Some serious coin bankrolled this endeavor, and it shows. Chandeliers drop down from high ceilings to
gently light velvet booths and the large square bar in the center of the room. Two stages, a DJ booth, and a
dance floor fill out the rest of the space. A large terrace faces the river, for sunset watching and spying on the
Western neighbors.

So Dear Office,
You have an impeccable venue. Let‟s see what kind of music and events you fill it with. DBG will be
watching. So get the Facebook page and website functional. Let Cherry know when she needs to stay late at