The Office (not the swanky new one downtown)
17087 Florida Blvd
Dedicated to Cherry reader David H.

DBG couldn’t review the swanky downtown bar named The Office until she first journeyed
way out on Florida Boulevard to investigate the first bar in Baton Rouge called The Office. At
first glance, she thought she was in for another Joe’s NASCAR Lounge experience, but she
was very pleasantly surprised.

The Office is a short, squat building that sits off Florida near the Amite River. DBG suspects
that it might be your last chance for libations before hitting the Big Denham. When she was
walking into the building, she noticed plants and flowers neatly potted along the side. The
interior was well decorated, had a large bar, and was possibly the cleanest place DBG has
ever been in. The curtains in the bathrooms were even sewn by the proud owner,
Eileen. Her husband, Steve, did all the carpentry. He informed us that if you are an “Office
Virgin,” your first drink is free! DBG noticed bikers starting to pour through the door. Well,
Wednesday is Bike Night at The Office and a free dinner is served. The excellent food was
whipped up by Eileen herself! DBG was slightly amused by watching bikers chow down on a
spinach salad with candied walnuts tossed in a homemade strawberry vinaigrette dressing.

If you live in the neighborhood, you should stop in and support a local business. Next week,
DBG puts on her grown-up clothes and drops by the Third Street Office.