The Kingfish Lounge
Capitol House Hilton Hotel, Downtown

DBG will have to continue to pine for a swank hotel bar in Baton Rouge. Perhaps one day a new venue will
swoop down and perch itself atop a tower overlooking the river, or perhaps a mahogany bar decorated with a
mural painted by a fantastical illustrator from the 1930s will be sent from the heavens. Until then, she will be
forced to live off memories of martini drenched meetings, secure in the knowledge that a room holding an
immaculately made bed with a mint on the pillow rested a mere 50 feet away.

The Kingfish Lounge is a small, poorly decorated room. It tries too hard to be special and cool, but DBG has
found more ambience at Holiday Inn lounges in the Midwest. It is far too expensive, and something about it
reminds her of a bland circus. It feigns elitism by attempting to cast an image of speakeasies of days long ago.
Unless you are a traveling salesman with achy feet and a large expense account, you need not open their
French doors. Better downtown venues await.