The King of Cakes

Back in the day, they used to bake the Baby Jesus right into the king cake. Most cakes came from grocery
bakeries and were a kind of a dry, poor man’s cinnamon roll. Fillings were rare. Later, we became a much more
litigious society and the cakes came with a warning that a plastic baby was hidden inside. Apparently some
moron choked and now Baby Jesus comes swaddled in a plastic bag. It is up to you to place him in the
cake. The upside to king cake evolution: many more options are available for your carnival consumption.

Top 3 Red Stick Favorites:
Ambrosia—The Zulu (divine)

Of course, the NOLA snobs had to weigh in and say “If you haven’t had a Randazzo’s King Cake…” https://

Prefer the donut variety of king cake? Meche’s the Donut King can hook you up. It’s only slightly less sweet than
outright eating a 10 pound bag of sugar.

King Cake Vodka should be hitting Rouse’s Market and other local stores in the next week or so. It is made in
France, but is based on the Haydel’s Bakery recipe.

Blue Bell also has a King Cake flavored ice cream out. It is very colorful. Kinda looks like a clown exploded in it,
but it tastes just like a King Cake.

For those of you who want to try your hand at baking, a special Cherry reader was nice enough to share her
secret recipe. Just click on the link below. If you have any questions, M.E. said you could email her for help!

With all of these ways to enjoy a Mardi Gras favorite, DBG is trying to decide if would it be gluttonous to eat king
cake with a serving of king cake ice cream while enjoying a king cake martini.

PS—Don’t forget to take your diabetes medication.

PPS—What do you do with all of your spare Baby Jesus? DBG accidentally ground one to fine plastic slivers in
the garbage disposal a few days ago. She felt strangely guilty.