The Bulldog

Come on, you knew DBG would get around to writing her 200 words about The Bulldog sooner or
later. Bottom line, The Bulldog is a beer bar for a beer town. This is a great compliment. DBG cannot
understand why so many try to open upscale martini bars in Baton Rouge, when the average Red
Sticker just wants to visit with friends and enjoy a tasty brew.

The Dog offers 90 plus taps and a large selection of bottled beers from around the globe. Special
pumps pipe the draft to ensure freshness, and pints are cleaned to perfection by a $5,000 fancy
dishwasher. Grub is inexpensive and tasty. There is also a large patio where you can bring your
pooch. The Bulldog honors its namesake by routinely giving money to animal charities and hosting
animal adoption events. Nightly specials keep things interesting. On Wednesdays, they let you keep
your pint glasses. Bring them back and they will donate some money to SPCA!

The negatives: it is such a great place, it is always way too crowded and parking can sometimes be a
bit tricky. Cigar smoke sometimes hangs heavily in the air.

So Tigers, what is your favorite tailgating beverage and how do you make it? Let Cherry know!

4385 Perkins Road