Teddy‘s Juke Joint
17001 Old Scenic Highway
Zachary, LA

After a dark drive past the city limits, through the woods, and around the bend, civilization was spotted. A small
sign signaled DBG‘s Protector to make a left onto a gravel road. They had finally arrived at ―the last juke joint on
Highway 61.‖ Teddy, aka Lloyd Johnson Jr., greeted his guests at the door. He wore a gold ring on every
finger and donned a belt buckle the size of Texas. A good blues band played, but between sets, Teddy (the last
PhD in record spinning in Louisiana) manned the DJ booth. Sometimes he would sing along with tracks or add
colorful commentaries of the adult variety. Teddy announces every record. He apparently holds a very soft spot
in his heart for ―Johnny Cash—The Man in Black.‖
Teddy and his wife are also collectors of sorts. DBG imagines they have a healthy thrift store/garage sale
habit. If an object can be hung from the ceiling or tacked to a wall, it has a place of honor at Teddy‘s. DBG was
in awe and couldn‘t stop taking pictures of the rooms full of pseudo-antiques backlit with Christmas lights. Thirty
years ago, Teddy was a man with a vision and a small shotgun house at the bottom of a hill. Today his empire
is internationally known.

DBG can testify that Teddy‘s makes the town of Zachary a much better place.


PS—For those of you who happen to be between gigs, Teddy‘s wife, Nancy, is in need of another
bartender. She also says her turkey wings are delicious.

Editor’s note: They are delicious.