Super Bowl XLV

Unfortunately, DBG’s beloved Saints will not be partaking in the sporting contest known as the Super
Bowl this Sunday. So she has to root for her adopted team, Green Bay. She will probably be
cheering on the Packers with a High Life in hand, as the Miller Brewing Company was founded in
Milwaukee, WI back in 1855.

Braver Cheese Heads might want to chug a Wisconsin Lunch Box:
Fill a pint glass ½ way with a light beer. Add about 3 oz of OJ. Fill a shot glass full of amaretto
liqueur. Drop the shot glass into the OJ and beer, and chug until it is gone.

Steelers fans might want to stock up on some Rolling Rock. (DBG did some digging and neither
Yuengling nor Iron City Beer have a distributer in LA.) Or make a Steel Helmet to celebrate a black
and gold touchdown. Fill an old-fashioned glass with ice. Add 1 oz each of vodka and coffee liqueur.
Fill the remainder with milk or cream. Float a small amount of Galliano liqueur on top by slowly
pouring it over the back of a bar spoon.

Or you can just say to hell with it and grab an Abita instead. DBG is really only watching for the