St. Patrick’s Day

There are two types of people in this world, those who are Irish and those who wish they were. But
never fear! Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. Here’s what you need to know in order to appear
savvy at the pub:

1. St. Patrick was the patron saint of Ireland and was responsible for converting thousands to
Christianity. March 17 is his feast day.
2. Erin Go Bragh translates to Ireland Forever.
3. Corned Beef and Cabbage is eaten by many a healthy lad on St. Patty’s Day. Cabbage has long
been a staple in Ireland. The Irish would pair it with bacon. When they immigrated to America, they
found corned beef to be much cheaper and the switch was made.
4. Make your own green beer! Place three drops of blue food coloring into the bottom of a pint
glass. Add a light colored beer. (Yellow + Blue=Green—Remember elementary art class?) Don’t add
the food coloring to the keg, unless you are an experienced tap master. You will end up with flat green
5. Paddy Wagon/Plastic Paddy: Paddy is a derogatory term for the Irish. Police would round up
drunken paddies, throw them in a police wagon, and cart them off to jail. A plastic paddy is a
wannabe Irishman.
6. Leprechauns: Leprechauns have nothing to do with St. Patrick’s Day. In 1959, Disney released a
movie called Darby O’Gill and the Little People. This changed the perception about Leprechauns, and
the little buggers weaseled their way into everything Irish.
7. Irish Car Bomb: Fill pint glass ¾ full with Guinness. Take a shot glass, fill half way with Bailey’s
then float Jameson on top, drop the shot glass into the Guinness and start chugging! You need to
consume this beast before it curdles. FYI—Never order a car bomb in Ireland. It was invented in the
U.S. and many Irish find the drink offensive because the name has terrorist references.

Be safe and don’t end up in the back of the paddy wagon,