Ron Ron Juice

DBG is about to admit a horrible secret to Cherry readers. Before she does this and your opinion of her takes a
dive down the toilet, let her explain. For several years she was a sales representative in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn
and Staten Island. (Yes, DBG has a day job.) This area of NYC was like nothing she had ever seen. During
her tenure, she watched while one old Italian man whipped another old Italian man with a pistol; had a client
arrested for selling steroids; drank an espresso with Paulie Walnuts; and ate enough sausage and peppers to
last a lifetime. After being told she needed acrylic nails and a dark tan, she shrugged and thought, “Sometimes
those stereotypes are true.” When MTV debuted Jersey Shore last summer, it was like watching a little piece of
her past. One Ed Hardy clad cast member named Ronnie created a pre-party concoction that the cast would
slurp out of red Solo cups before going to a club called Karma for a night of fist pumping and beat downs.

DBG gives you Ron Ron Juice:
3 cups cubed deseeded watermelon
1 cup cranberry juice
6 shots vodka (or whatever it takes to get you filthy!)
1 cup of ice
2 tablespoons grenadine
Fist Pump! Throw in blender! Garnish with a cherry! Salute!
(Serves 4)

With watermelons being in season, Ron Ron juice can easily be enjoyed on the bayou. The new season of
Jersey Shore got underway last Thursday.