Hippity, Hoppity, Easter’s on Its Way

It’s time to dust off the bonnet and the basket and make an appropriate cocktail for Peter
Cottontail. When DBG thinks of spring, she adds a bottle of Pimm’s No 1 to her shopping list. Only six
people in the world are privy to the exact contents of Pimm’s. James Pimm, the owner of an English
oyster bar, made his first batch in the mid 18th century and the Brits have been in love ever since. It is,
after all, the official drink of Wimbledon. Pimm’s is gin-based and has light tastes of citrus and spices.
A Pimm’s cup is the perfect accessory when sitting on the front porch watching the children hunt for

Pimm’s Cup:
2 ounces Pimm’s No. 1
7UP, lemon-lime soda, or ginger ale
Slice of lemon
Slice of cucumber
Pour the Pimm’s and 7UP into a chilled highball glass or metal cup over ice. Squeeze a slice of lemon
well as you drop it in the glass; then stir gently and garnish with a cucumber slice.

This light libation can carry a lad all the way through the sweltering summer.