Lucy’s Retired Surfer Restaurant and Bar
151 Third Street

Lucy…I’m home!

Daiquiris, daiquiris everywhere, but not a tiki bar in sight…sigh…UNTIL NOW! Ever since DBG returned to The
Big BR, she has been complaining about the lack of mai tais, bamboo wall-coverings, tiny paper umbrellas, and
frozen concoctions containing Cracker Jack prizes. She prayed and left many offerings to the god Lono, and he
bestowed Lucy’s onto the Red Stick. This fine establishment originated in NYC, traveled down to the Big Easy,
and expanded into downtown BR.

DBG recommends “A Drink Called Wanda.” It is an excellent take on a pina colada. It is pink, creamy, and
garnished with a plastic goldfish. (Possibly the one accoutrement more spectacular than a cherry…ha ha.) After
two or three, you might hula-hoop on top of the bar!

PS–Tuesday night is Taco Night!  Celebrate it with margaritas and 2 buck tacos.  Lucy’s isn’t a real tiki bar, but it is better than no tiki bar at all.