Jones Creek Café and Oyster Bar aka JCC

15005 Market Street (Off Jones Creek and Coursey)

DBG’s father used to take her to Jones Creek Oyster Bar back in the day when it was still a minimally decorated hole in the wall located in a strip mall.  He had been lured there by cold beer, inexpensive oysters on the half shell, and “melt-in-your-mouth” fried catfish. She would sit up very tall so that she could see over the bar and watch proper martinis being made.  (Yes, DBG started nuzzling up to watering holes as soon as she was allowed to trade her sippie cup for a pint glass.)

JCC has since moved up in the world.  The new location features a well-decorated patio, larger restaurant, and a sports bar that caters to LSU fans.  (They have managed to make the abundant amount of purple and gold décor look understated. How?  DBG doesn’t know.  Maybe it’s the copper bar.) Oysters are still 35 cents on Monday, and they still shuck them after you order, but the food comes served on plates now, instead of in little plastic baskets.