It’s Beaujolais Nouveau Time!

The third Thursday of November means only one thing to the French – Beaujolais Nouveau is
released to the public in time to celebrate the end of the harvest. Four thousand grape growers hand-
pick all of the Gamay grapevines in the 34 by 9 mile wide region of Beaujolais. Six weeks later,
Beaujolais Nouveau is ready for consumption.

The result of their efforts is an inexpensive, purple-pink, lightweight moment of bliss that is best
enjoyed slightly chilled (55 F). DBG recommends uncorking a bottle while sitting around a fire pit on a
cold December evening. Some wine snots call Beaujolais an immature simpleton, but DBG will gladly
raise a glass and toast the change in seasons.

Beaujolais Nouveau is meant for drinking and not for your wine cellar. Its quality starts to decline
around May of the following year. But don’t worry – by that time Frenchmen are tending their fields to
ensure the 2011 varietal will make it to your Thanksgiving table.

Editor’s note: You probably won’t see this tasty beverage at the corner Circle K. Class yourself up a
little and visit one of the great BR wine shops. Cherry’s favorite places to pick up a bottle or three are:
Marcello’s – Perkins near College; be sure to peruse our favorite spot – the 3 for $10 section!
Calandro’s – Government
Martin’s Wine Cellar – Perkins near Essen