North Street at North Acadian


Herson’s Private Social Club has inhabited its present location since 1941 and has remained “in the family” for almost 70 years.  Wood paneling, red vinyl, antique lace curtains, and red fringe help trim the walls while the soft glow of crimson light bulbs incased in Victorian fixtures complete the ambience.  Regulars are allowed to buy their own pint of liquor which is labeled and kept behind the bar.  Jet setters and movie stars can pretend they invented bottle service, but this royal treatment for the patrons of Herson’s has been the status quo for decades.  DBG and her traveling companion were told by the bartender that they had to return to see the Christmas decorations.  The best night to drop in is Thursday.  It’s the one night of the week Herson’s serves food.  The menu changes weekly.  Sometimes they barbeque and sometimes they cook red beans and rice.  Thursdays also boasts “a professional record spinner” in the D.J. booth.  But know:  the folks at Herson’s are proper!  Customers must be over the age of 25, wear their caps straight, and make sure their pants are properly belted. DBG can’t wait to return for some home cooking!