Game Day Daiquiris
4619 Bennington

15 years ago, the daiquiri bar was king. Like a chicken in every pot, there was a daiquiri bar in every
strip mall. The TKO, Sex on the Beach, and Hand Grenade were available in the drive thru. Adult
Icee machines churned behind the bar, mixing call brands and syrups. Then the Styrofoam cup began
to leak. Many shops closed their doors, and Mike’s Hard Lemonade became the drink of choice when
trying to get underage girlfriends drunk.
Finding a good daiquiri became increasingly
difficult. Recently, the daiquiri bar has undergone a kind of Renaissance.

Game Day Daiquiris opened three weeks ago, and they are bringing their A game to the
party! Daiquiris are made from local mixes instead of the standard Fat Tuesday’s powders. The
Bellini tastes like peaches lightly sprinkled with champagne. The White Russian would make Rasputin
proud, and the Chocoholic would make Willy Wonka and the Oompa Loompas cry for joy. To taunt
Veruca Salt, “The snozberries taste like snozberries.” Fat free concoctions, non-alcoholic options, and
custom blends are available for discerning connoisseurs of fizzy lifting drinks.

After their grand opening, Game Day will add live music and upscale bar food to their factory of

Do your best to avoid the brain freeze,