Enoteca Marcello’s Bar

This week DBG and her Protector Du Jour decided to visit an establishment that serves beverages in real glasses and not plastic cups.  Radio advertisements had been warning her that the Southdowns Shopping Center was now the “epicenter of class” in the Big BR. A stop at Marcello’s Wine Bar was in order. Marcello’s recently replaced the legendary/notorious Southdown’s bar.  (A major renovation hasn’t been this successful since Deme Moore had extensive plastic surgery before donning a bikini and filming Charlie’s Angels.)

Much to DBG’s surprise, there was a charming selection of the wines by the glass and most were reasonably priced.  Their appetizers were first-rate and the staff was very knowledgeable.  Share the anti-pasta platter and try some fried calamari. She was told if they wanted to dine in the connecting restaurant, reservations were a must!

While waiting to use the restroom, she was mildly amused by the “art photography” that showcased a female dressed in white with a glass of red wine photo-shopped over her nether region. As they were paying the tab, DBG could not help but notice the long bar was packed with single men in their forties and fifties being systematically hunted by leathery, overly-botoxed females strutting like peacocks in their fanciest tube tops.  Can you say, “I’ll take the Sugar Daddy with a side of Cougar and just a little bit of Predatory Milf for dessert?”