Delirious Daiquiris 105 North Alexander Ave, Port Allen

A large mural painted on the side of the building depicting a tree frog licking a margarita piqued DBG’s
interest. Courtesy parking in front of the entrance was available for customers getting their libations to go. DBG
quickly realized that Delirious Daiquiris was more of an adult snowball stand than a bar. While DBG and her
Protector were mulling over their brightly colored beverage choices, at least half a dozen patrons walked out with
their straw in one hand and their daiquiri in the other. DBG told the bartender, “I want to get delirious!” He
informed her that this was done by artfully combining of the first four daiquiri flavors on the wall. This fusion
sounded more like a mess than a drink. So she opted for a Pina Colada/Adjustment combo. Her Protector
inquired about their most popular flavor. He was told The Adjustment was strong and tasted like Tang. He
thought, “Well, if it is good enough for astronauts…” While her creation was being blended, DBG noted that
Delirious Daiquiri’s was now serving Red Baron pizzas. (She pictured the manager raiding the local Wal-Mart
whenever these gourmet treasures were on sale. She also wondered how drunk a customer had to be to pay
$6.99 for a low-end frozen pizza.)

To sum it up: these were some tasty beverages that paired very well with the Pic-a-Pak fried chicken that is for
sale across the street. If you are already downtown, Port Allen is only a three minute drive. So don’t be afraid to
cross the river for fried chicken and adult snow cones.