Take Me to Your Leader

When DBG sees Presidents’ Day on the calendar, she thinks of mattress sales, and little Georgie Washington
chopping down a cherry tree much to his father’s chagrin. DBG cannot tell a lie; she has wondered from time to
time what the leaders of the free world poured into a tumbler and sipped on while they pondered the national
debt and peace in the Middle East.

Washington brewed his own English-style porter. He also ran a whiskey distillery. Truman was fond of Wild
Turkey. JFK proudly admitted that the daiquiri was his favorite libation, but he was drinking the old school
version that consisted of light rum, lime juice, and a splash of simple syrup. (Come on. Could you picture
Kennedy sipping a pink punch with an umbrella? Well, maybe during a clandestine meeting with Marilyn
Monroe.) Nixon liked his gin martinis dry, shaken, and with one olive. He also drug his secret service detail out
to Trader Vic’s to suck down some tiki drinks. Ford kept it simple with gin and tonics.

But back to cherries…. La Cherrista In Charge cooked up the most amazing cocktail involving our publication’s
namesake, the cherry. Little Georgie better not chop down our cherry tree.

Cherry LN
Pour 1-1/2 oz cherry flavored vodka over ice in whatever glass is handy. Add 2 oz pineapple juice and one oz
cranberry juice (we prefer the no sugar added kind). Add a generous splash of club soda. Stir gently to mix and
garnish with a whole freaking ton of cherries. Or not.