Buffalo Wild Wings
7524 Bluebonnet

If Mc Donald’s, Chuck E. Cheese, and Hooter’s ugly sister hooked up in some grease-infused, deep-fried orgy, the offspring of this unholy union would be called Buffalo Wild Wings. In DBG’s never ending search for the holy grail of chicken wings; she decided to give the Buffalo a try. At first she was excited about this adventure, after all, they have 16 different kinds of wings. After drinking a beer and discussing the pro’s and con’s of having a large basketball game in the dining area with her Protector; a gooey-defrosted-sloppy pyramid of chicken arrived. She wondered, “If wings are the best thing they serve, what about the hamburger?” Bottom line: if it doesn’t come out of the freezer; it is doubtful that it is on the menu.

She will admit Wild Wing’s has merits: if you want to dump your tween off to play Foosball, Golden Tee, or to make out on top of the pool table; Wild Wings is a great spot! Seriously, though, it does possess a decent beer selection, ample seating, and many big screen televisions.
–DBG cherrythedivebargirl@gmail.com