Blackie’s in Central
10010 Sullivan Road

Central has piqued DBG’s curiosity ever since they decided to secede from the Union of Baton Rouge way back
in 2005. Last Tuesday, DBG and her protector decided to cross the border into rebel territory to observe and
report the local nightlife to Cherry readers. Upon entry, DGB’s Protector remarked, “It reminds me of places I
went in Avoyelles Parish when I was in high school.”
Blackie’s was hopping. Not surprising, seeing as every other building in Central is a non-denominational worship
hall. There was good music on the jukebox, and cans of Coors Light only cost $1.25. Locals played pool while
a road-hard-and-put-up-wet blow up doll sprawled out over a wounded pleather sofa. Her eyes gazed out at the
abandoned dance floor while she remembered bachelor parties of years past. The bartenders were friendly, and
the locals were full of conversations. They even put DBG’s white wine in a real glass, and that’s class in her
PS—If your name is Amanda Burns and you are from Norwood, someone has written some very unflattering
things about you on the bathroom wall.