BJ’s Brewhouse
Mall of Louisiana

DBG knows what you are thinking: “Why is she reviewing a chain by the mall? She must have finally pickled
her brain.” But do not confuse BJ’s with those other chains where waiters wear flair and knick-knacks of a
forgotten Americana line the walls. BJ’s serves an important purpose to DBG. It is an excellent venue to eat
dinner and drink some of their handcrafted beers before taking in a movie across the street. DBG’s Protector
recommends their Piranha Pale Ale, and DBG thinks their Nutty Brewnette is one swell gal. Sit at the long bar,
watch some ESPN on the TV screens, and order up some burgers or a pizza. (At places like this, it is your own
damn fault if you order something exotic and end up disappointed.)

Tuesdays offer half-off wine until 7pm and 2 bucks off all appetizers. (Movie nachos and a coke would cost more
at the theater.)

DBG also recommends BJ’s as a prescription to men who have been forced to go to the mall with their women.
It just might be the cure for bruised male egos.