Big Mike’s Bar
10627 Alco Avenue

Big Mike’s is nestled off Airline near the gateway of an industrial complex. Its unassuming facade guards seven
pool tables, the obligatory Jagermeister machine, and a brand-spanking-new 2010 Golden Tee played on a
large flat-screen TV. Regulars gather for league billiards and have their own personalized koozies stashed
behind the bar waiting for them. Imagine a German beer hall where members quaff from their own steins. Then
manage your expectations and think of a Bud Light protected by a foam layer with “Tom” scribbled on it in black

The barmaids are friendly, but they keep a pink baseball bat on hand in case there needs to be an ass whoopin’.
Big Mike’s is a friend to the LSU football team, and games are watched on the projector TV. DBG was also told
Mike’s is a good place to check out NASCAR. Prepared food is not available, but there is a vending machine
that manages to house both potato chips AND cigarettes. It is even stocked with Funyuns. DBG suspects
Funyun is short for “Fun Onion” or “Fake Onion,” but it just sounds like fungus to her.

And just who is Big Mike? According to the bartender, He stands 6’5” and weighs 250 pounds, but he used to tip
the scales at about 600. The name on the sign out front doesn’t lie.