Cedarcrest Revisited
10467 Airline Highway

During DBG’s first attempt to review Cedarcrest, she and her companion du jour never made it past the parking
lot. They were spooked by the dark void lurking behind the ill-fitting screen door. DBG worried that the
blackness might be home to a dragon’s lair or a gathering place for trolls, witches and warlocks. This week she
put on her big girl panties, collected her Protector, and swaggered into the bar.

The heavily-mauled patchwork gateway guards the entrance to a true neighborhood dive. The giant horseshoe-
shaped bar crawls down one side of the venue. Several non-functioning pool tables sit towards the rear. A
couple of locals hunched over their beers while they watched coverage of Mardi Gras on the news. DBG was
told when the pool tables work, a game costs a quarter. Two beers and a glass of wine set DBG’s Protector
back about six bucks. They sat quietly amid the dim glow of a couple of neon beer signs. Purple, gold and green
banners temporarily brightened the interior. Still, Cedarcrest reigns as the darkest place DBG has ever
visited. She decided this might be a positive for those sporting beer goggles. Bottom line: Grasshopper say,
“Never judge a book by its cover.”

PS–Taking part in the hair of the dog? Cedarcrest props open its screen door at 7 am.